Wednesday, October 8, 2014

May the Dust Settle Quickly; Johntheother and A Voice For Men

The modern battle space of relationships are many. We may live with another person,
we go to work daily and deeal with customers, clients and co-workers, we have friendships
at many levels, we deal with the sexual politics of human encounter and in our modern world, we
even have electronic relationships, some of which can turn into actual physical relationships
or die in the same server that it emunated from.

Since becoming an MRA (Men's Rights Activist)I have found that a majority of my interactions with and my
initial introduction to the Men's rights movement was of the electronic variety.
Much like early television (another venue for electronic relationships and vicarious living)
I formed relationships and found role models online who were part of the movement.
One of these role models was an MRA who calls himself "Johntheother" (JTO)who is an avid video-blogger and speaks out to, and against the feminist movement as well as addressing many other social
problems that face men in todays world. For a time, John seemed to have a working relationship
with the grass roots men's right organization "A voice for Men"(AVFM). I recently blogged
about AVFM, because they were the very first organization to organize and conduct
the first international men's issues conference which was held in the Detroit Michigan area.
I was however unaware that Johntheother, an MRA who I had followed for quite some time, was
not invited (or in his own words, invited and then uninvited) to the international men's
conference. In fact it wasn't until today (10/08/2014) that I found out that there
was somer  type of disagreement between JTO and AVFM. The likes of which I won't even attempt to address in this blog post due to the simple fact that the complaint and/or complaints
seemed to somewhat childish in nature. But with that said, the very foundation of
the disagreement seemed to go back the modern battle space of "relationships". Like
so many relationships that end up in the family courts (the very reason that many of us are MRA's)
It seems that JTO and AVFM have reached a point of irreconcilable differences
(music to the ears of any divorce lawyer).

JTO, being the activist that he is, most certainly wears his heart upon his sleeve. As
do I. And as do  males must do to protect themselves in the modern battle space. JTO
is no different. However, I do see JTO as having an ability to utilize simple
intellect to sort through a problem and to find useful information. JTO is indeed
very resourceful. Though, despite this resourcefulness, he seems to have found himself
being "friend zoned" by AVFM. In a recent (two) video(s). JTO attempted to reconcile
and find reasons for why he had found himself on AVFM's shit list. In his video blog
JTO labled himself as "bombastic and abrasive" and admitted that perhaps he had made people
 angry at him because he had spoken his mind and perhaps angered other MRA's and/or AVFM allies.I find that claim to be ludicrous.

 It seems to me that if we choose to step upon the battlefield that MRA's have chosen to fight upon, That we must have thick skin and possess the ability to take
a punch in the face, after all, we are talking about equality, civil rights and freedom.
No patriot or MRA ever won a battle by allowing his enemies to divide and conquer, or
by allowing what someone said to hurt their feelings. This is after all "battle".
Much is at stake in this battle, while we suddenly find ourselves weeping in the corner
because one MRA or one Men's rights organization has found themselves squabbling
with each other, one single solitary Father has walked into family court by himself
and lost custody of his children, or single solitary Father has walked into family
court and found himself ejected from his home, and finally, one single solitary
Father has committed suicide because he could no longer tolerate the pressure
that our system has placed upon his shoulders.

As an observation, it seems that many individual MRA's and Men's right organizations
argue their cases on the street, on social media and / or within the social context. Allow me to
clue you in on something. From 1955 to 1975 there was a war in a place called Viet Nam. During this conflict, one of the goals was to win "the hearts and minds" of the local populace. Unfortunately
the local populace chose to reunify with their own people. A fact that any fool should have seen coming. The lesson to be learned here, is that we, as MRA's may be attempting to undo centuries
of psychological programming. In other words, an un-winnable war. When in fact the real battles
must be fought in the court systems of each state.