Saturday, April 26, 2014

The Case of Chris Mackney; How his death effects Service Members and Veterans.

Over the last few days the web has gone viral with the story of a middle aged divorced man by the name of Chris Mackney. Up until a few days ago, Chris was virtually unknown to the world. But thanks to the internet and resources like "A Voice for Men" (AFVM). Chris's story can be told. According to several online resources, including AVFM. Chris Mackney was a 45 year man with two children, and like so many other men, service members and veterans included.He was going through what amounted to a very bad divorce. The end result of what Chris was going through culminated with him taking his own life.
Whats unusual about this case is that Chris left behind a very detailed suicide note, and that note found it's way onto the internet. But that's not the clincher. What happened next is both disturbing and astounding. And it is something that the veterans groups and service member groups, such as the USO and Veterans Administration needs to come to terms with. Chris' ex-wife (who's name will be withheld in this article) retained a lawyer and began the process of having her lawyers threaten and intimidate any website owner or operator that reposted his suicide note. Her actions have now resulted in a cascade of news stories, web based attacks and video's. The blow back against Chris Mackney's ex-wife has been tremendous.


What happened to Chris is the same thing that has happened to millions of men world wide in families courts all over the western world. He lost his marriage, he lost his home, he lost what he worked for, but most of all he lost contact with his children. And this all played out in family court, with the court empowering his ex-wife to deprive him of the love of his children. When everything else is said and done, in the final analysis, and by his own words in the suicide note that he left behind. The loss of his children was the main reason that he committed suicide. So what crime did Chris Mackney commit? None that anyone is aware of. The only mistake that he seemed to had made was walking into the family court system.


As Service Members and returning Veterans, we now faced a challenging landscape. It seems that factions within the current administration have already built a wall of mistrust between the rank and file and the current administration. Many Veterans are returning home after serving in a military with a very high tempo of deployments. This rapid pace has left many Veterans and Service Members struggling with PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder), serious financial problems, an out of control suicide rate and an high rate of divorce.  This is a huge disadvantage in a family court system which caters to the whim of females automatically. If you can imagine, Chris Mackney walked into family court with absolutely no excess mental baggage and/or three tours in an Afghanistan killing zone under his belt. And the family court proceeded to destroy him without cause or justification  This type of case sets a terrible legal precedence for Service Members and Veterans, in that; If one sane successful business man (which Chris was) can walk into family court and his life torn to shreds and his children taken away and for doing absolutely nothing. How will a Service member or Veteran suffering from PTSD be treated in an American family court when his ex-wife makes allegations against *him?

A Voice For Men Article;

* In 90% of family law cases, men lose custody of their children.
Citation; After divorce, men lose custody of their children about ninety percent of the time and seldom receive child support when they win custody. A father who seeks custody often finds himself the target of numerous false accusations, an apparently routine feature of modern divorce. "No fault" divorce has become a disaster, mostly for men, since most break-ups are initiated by women. The economics of divorce is one reason why, according to the United States Census Bureau, female householders have a net worth 141% that of male householders. 


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Purge187 said...

Someone recited his suicide note on YouTube and I posted it on my Facebook page.

The bitch is actually getting her lawyers to threaten people to scrub his letter from their websites. I mean, seriously - what the hell is wrong with her?

I pray for him, and I thank you for your service to America.

Gene Stevens said...

Thank you for your support. Both this mans former spouse and lawyers have no idea what far reaching impact that this can have a on other members of society, including service members and veterans.