Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Cold War News; Why we could lose the next war.

2014; The world stood and watched in shock as the Russian military moved into the Ukraine region, massed troops into the Crimea and cut off diplomatic communications with the west.This aggressive action came just after Russia had hosted the 2014 winter Olympic's.

April 29th, 2014
Over the last few weeks, it has become very apparent that hostilities have been ramped up in the Ukraine and the reports  flowing in seem to indicate that forces are moving into the theater.
NATO has increased air patrols, the U.S. is sending troops to Poland and as of today's date Canada has deployed fighter jets to eastern Europe. http://news.yahoo.com/canada-deploys-fighter-jets-eastern-europe-patrols-153116631.html These series of actions clearly signal a deep concern by the western world for Russia's sudden and bizarre behavior. As of today's date (05/01/2014), The second command in charge of NATO has declared Russia an "enemy." This powerful statement comes as no surprise after several weeks of heavy military activity that has extended into other European areas.

When the invasion began, Russia's  movements in the region began as a covert operation. Early reports were very unclear as to true identity of of the troops on the ground and took on the appearance of an insurgency. Soldiers filtered into the region very slowly and began to show up in various towns in small groups. These soldiers were easily identified as cadre, because they were in possession of typical military weapons, were well equipped and well uniformed. However, all soldiers photographed entering the region wore no unit insignia and had their faces covered to conceal their identity. An action which gave the impression that insurgency was was underway. After weeks of denial by the Russians, it became necessary for them to admit that they had entered the Crimea under the guise of protecting Russian citizens. After time passed it had become apparent, (and was confirmed) that the Russian military under President Valdimir Putin was actively engaged in a military campaign.

Like so many other conflicts, the first hours of activity were heavily televised and transmitted via the internet. Initial observations made noted that Russian soldiers on the ground appeared to be well equipped, wearing newer multi-cam uniforms and carrying up-dated weapons. News sources later reported that the Russian army was also in possession of other newer hardware and vehicles. Reports have also been received that indicate that Russian bombers have conducted probes into other European areas, buzzed American warships and in recent days they have been observed running missions off the coast of the United States. In the past, these patrols were considered pretty standard "run of the mill" cold war missions. But now they hold deeper military significance.

During the 1970's the pentagon assumed that when the Russians (Soviets) entered the game and the "balloon went up" (cold war terminology for all out war). That the Russians (Soviets) would crash into Europe via East Germany in an all out armor attack. Though as time progressed. It became apparent that the former Soviets lacked the essential support, in the way of funding (material) to wage a long term conflict on a large scale. This comes as no surprise, as hard line communism by it's own doctrine rejects capitalism. And with out "capital" (cash flow), men and material are of little use on the battlefield.

1980's and 1990's

The 1980's and 90's proved to be a real game changer for the former both the Soviets and the Chinese. The communist model they tried to maintain became an untenable position to hold. This was due to new technologies that once on the world stage  financially connected (via the internet and other factors.) the world. First the Berlin wall fell. Then in 1997, the mega-port of Hong Kong was turned over to the China. This last fact made China a super power over night.

A Losing Battle; Business, Strategic Losses and Political Correctness;

Since the Berlin wall fell and China assumed sovereignty over Hong Kong, both communist nations ceased to be financial socialists. Though still under socialist / communist ideology, both nations have entered the financial world stage and both have become economic powerhouses. Along side the huge gain in financial wealth is the fact that both nations have begun to flex military muscle in the respective regions by instigating political turmoil with neighboring countries. What this has resulted in is a military backed expansion into areas that border their regions which have created strategic losses for NATO countries and U.S. Allies.

The United States as been a long time partner in NATO and has provided vast support for other countries since the close of world war two. However, since the withdraw from the middle east. The current administration has begun the process of gutting the U.S. military. They have changed long standing traditions and/or rules on how the military is managed, reduced the size of the military, cut funding and implemented policies of political correctness that makes it very difficult for unit Commanders to manage Soldiers, Sailors, Air Force personnel and Marines. Recent policy changes made to the military by the government may, on the surface look like the correct thing to do. (And that debate may rage on for many years to come). However, our enemies abroad DO NOT hold to the same types of convictions that the current administration has forced upon the armed forces of the United States. In fact a completely opposite model of our political correctness has taken hold in both Russia and North Korea. During the Olympic games in Sochi (2014), the Russian expressly forbid open displays of homosexuality during the games and promised that any type of display would be met with arrest, and they cited the "protection of children" as a reason. This may sound very much like propaganda to many in the U.S., but to others it may have sounded like the Russians were taking the moral high ground. Additionally, in recent days the North Koreans unleashed a racial tirade against President Obama, a fact that obviously cared nothing about, nor will they ever. These facts create a a serious problem in warfare. The problem is that deep political factions have arose in the United States, many of which are divided along racial lines. These deep political rifts seem to be fueled by ongoing propaganda within our own news media.

-SGT Shakespeare

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