Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Sergeant Stevens "Boots on The Ground"

Operational, thats always been center piece of my philosphy. To be operational is everything to me. Boredom depresses the shit out of me, Sitting idle has become my enemy, complacency in my life is the same as thing as putting a gun to my head and puling the fucking trigger.

As much as I hate politics at work, all the really bad politics that I had to tolerate at the many police departments that I worked for in McHenry County Illinois and our own unit politics with the 933rd. I starve to be operational, to be involved and to connect with the people in my unit on a high operational level. I also rediscovered in Arkansas what I always knew about law enforcement types, including myself. We stand above, in more ways than one. We are somewhat arrogant, a little tempermental and always on guard. We alert on the bad guy(s), and we can also go code red about each other. Arkansas amplified this and made it a readable set of varibles and feelings that were close to the surface, clear enough to feel, comprehend and taste in your mouth. Some of the MP's dealt with the code red just fine, others did not. These were our tangibles, they acted as both a glue that kept us together and yet, repelled others down different paths. What does it mean to be operational? It means being prepared, being ready, clearing your mind, adjusting your attitude to fit the situation. It means speaking out when its needed, and biting your tounge when its necessary. It means doing when your tired of doing and picking up your backpack and weapon and moving forward. Tenacity is the commodity that fuels all American soldiers. Accomplishment is the destination.